Buses factory

* the factory was established in 1983 to develop buses manufacturing with MUKART-IKARUSE/HUNGARY. 

* the factory is manufacturing the buses(city-intercity-median), steel Structures , caravans, oil small refiners.

* Design capacity (city-intercity buses) of 1500 unit/year .
* the work had been stopped in the factor since 1991 till 2000. frome 2001 Till now , the rate of factory production is 100 unit/year according to the Demand orders.
* the factory covers 13737 m².


Trucks factory

* the factory was established in 1973 to be concerned in assembling of trucks, Truck tractor assembling according to contract with scania/ Sweden. 

* the design capacity of the factory is 2500 unit/year ((truck-truck tractor))
* actual capacity since 1995 till now not more than 100 unit/year. * the targeted design capacity will be 2500 unit/year as result of rehabilitation
* the factory covers an area of 8800 m² .
* currently the factory produces the following products:-
- trucks
- buses chassis.
- truck tractor.


Bodies & Trailers factory

* the factory founded in 2001 with actual capacity of 100 unit/year .
* the design capacity of the factory is 350 unit/year.
* the main products of the factory ara to :-
1- semi-trailer 35 ton.
2- semi-trailer 45 ton.
3- low-bed loader 50 ton.
4- tipping semi- trailer & bodies (16-28) ton.
5- tanker 36000 liters.
6- steel structure.
* the factory covers area of 8500 m².
* currently the annual production is 100 unit/year.
* the targeted design capacity will be 350 unit/year as result of rehabilitation Of the factory.

Babel factory/after sale service

* The factory founded in 2003 at center Babel city of design capacity 5000car /year services and provides services for trucks and buses ,after –sale Services and provides maintenance services for specialized salon cars Of all types and include maintenance of electrical, mechanical and cooling.
* this factory is located in the company`s branch in Babylon and just 3 km From the city of Hilla towards najaf.
* currently , the most important activities are to :-
1- provide after-sale service of BMC truck.
2- manufacturing and installation of steel structures.
3- provide maintenance services for salon cars.
4- Auto receipt of the citizens and the projected cut and configured for the Purpose of transportation to the iron and steel factory in Basra.
* the plant covers 25000 m ²( manufacturing building ,warehouse and Office buildings).

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