The state company for automotive industry (S.C.A.I) on of the companies which belong to ministry of industry and minerals established in 1976 at Iskandariyah (50)KM south of Baghdad to be concerned in assembling of trucks according to the technical contracts signed with (saviem/france) and (scanai/Sweden) and producing buses according to contract of bus bodies building with( IKARUS/HUNGARY) . SCAI had many activities since 1976 and her under the main activities :-

1-Truck assembling (2-10 ton) ,(12-16ton) .
2- Bus body building (city,intercity&medium buse
The production of buses and trucks is stopped in consequence blockade.

In 2000 SCAI renew its activity in producing trucks and buses as below:-
1- buses built on EVICO chassis.
2- buses built on MARCEDIS type /520 chassis.
3- buses built on MARCEDIS type 1636 chassis.
4- buses built on SCANIA type k124IB chassis.
5- buses built on SCANIA type L94 chassis.

In trucks field , scai produced 75 trucks type SNVI and BMC trucks ((truck tractor & tipper truck))

In 2000 the activities of body factory are transferred from SCMI to SCAI.

SCAI build all production lines this activity (body factory) such as , semi- trailor(35-45)ton load capacity , tipper semi- trailor 28 ton load capacity , fixed bodies , tipper bodies ,tankers(36000)lit. and low bed loader (50-70)ton load capacity.

During the period 1999-2008 , SCAI working in subsititutional production as below:-

1- oil refinery 1000 barrel/day capacity . scai produced 6 units ,the latest
     0ne was built on Bazian- Kurdistan .
  SCAI has contracted with (( general establishment for private projects)) for rehabilitating SULIMANYA refinery in cost $ 65000.

2-water treatment units 50m³/h , 200m³/h.
3- bridges such as :-
A- in 1992 scai participated in rebuilding 14 July bridge .    
B- AL sarafyh bridge in 2008.            

4- caravans:- scai built more than 500 multiple purpose caravans.
5- scai has good carry services to all cities in Iraq .
6- scai has experience in producing ( electrical-communication and TV
7- scai rebuilt many factories in Iraq as :-
     A- brick factory ( alkadesyh- almahaweel- alswarha).   
     B- scai rebuilt many production lines in many companies as (( tires
           Factory in najaf- cement factory and thermiston factory in karbala.
     C- scai designed , produced and installed (( the rotary restaurant in
           Baghdad tower)) and installed the iron part above the restaurant.
      D- scai disassembled , transferred and rebuilt sheiters.
      E- scai produced mercury cells for producing chlorine gas/
      F- scai designed, produced and installed the Fair.
8- In 2010 scai started to make joint ventures agreements in form of
     Sharing contracts .
      By the sharing contracts , scai wants to develop its activities through
       The coinsrtaction,assembly and marketing for the products as follow:-

      A- trucks and buses.
      B- saloon cars.
      C- fire fighting vehicles.
       D- ambulance vehicles .
       E- other vehicles like high pressure jet , vehicle for service of lighting.
       F- below is a table of sharing contracts

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